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Retreat You Right is a company that provides the ultimate getaway experience for women to create extraordinary memories!  Our goal is to rejuvenate the passion in women to excel in all aspects of their lives.  We help individuals to explore their maximum potential personally, financially and spiritually. 

We specialize in small to medium size groups.  Our ongoing events consist of short weekend getaways to the ultimate full experience of travel to international countries.  We have events that are ongoing or we will assist you in planning your own!  Whether it’s a bridal shower, birthday party or a girl’s getaway, we can plan it for you. It does not matter where, if you can think it, we can do it.

I have a curiosity to explore different parts of the country and world.   I love meeting new people, seeing different sites (especially the ones I’ve seen on T.V.)   I’d like to share a story with you:

May 2003 I traveled to California with my husband.  This was not my first trip to the state, but one that is more significant to me.  We flew into Los Angeles, rented a car and did the tourist sites in Los Angeles.  After a few days in LA, we traveled the Pacific Coast Highway north towards San Francisco. I was at peace on this trip because it was so relaxing.  No schedules to adhere to; just total freedom to do what I wanted to do.  On the way, we stopped at a strawberry field and purchased fresh strawberries.  I can still smell and taste them in my mind not to mention how the aroma permeated throughout the car!  Not a care in the world, just enjoying every moment.  One of my husbands’ co-workers told him to be sure to stop by Pismo Beach!  We found Pismo Beach (a few miles off our path) and decided to walk the beach.  It didn’t seem like a special place and couldn’t see why his co-worker may such a fuss.  I uncovered some type of creature that had washed up on the sand.  I called it the Pismo Beach monster. After all, I had visited beaches in Hawaii and the Caribbean that were more tropical and beautiful.  Little did I know then the significance of that particular stop along our journey. 


After leaving Pismo Beach, we continued north towards San Francisco.  This was my first time traveling that far north in California.  San Francisco was a beautiful city to visit and it was all I imagined it to be.  We discovered all the usual sites, China Town, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Fisherman Wharf to name a few.  My husband had been to San Francisco and was the perfect tour guide.  I remember taking the cable cars near Lombard Street and my husband was taking a photograph of me on the streetcar.  For some reason, the passengers thought I was someone famous!  That was an ego boost! 


While we were visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, we received a phone call from our son.  He informed us we were going to be grandparents for the first time.  That was the best part of the trip!  Great memories of California were made and I was looking forward to making new memories with our new grand baby.  I was already thinking of what I wanted to be call.  Grandma and Nana was out of the question.  I thought GiGi would be appropriate for me.  After all, I was only 49 and would be 50 when my grandson would make his arrival into the world.  The timing was right or so I thought! 


When we returned home from our trip, the next day I noticed a small lump under my left breast.  I thought it was from caffeine in the coffee I drank to stay warm in San Francisco.  Nevertheless, I decided to call my doctor to have it checked out.  To my disappointment, after a biopsy, it was confirmed I had stage 2 breast cancer which was very aggressive.  My thoughts were, I have to fight this because I’m going to be a grandmother and I wanted to see my first, second and third grandchild.  Not only did I want to see them, but I wanted to be able to be a part of their lives and see their children!  Dying was not an option!


I wanted to share this part of my life because during the grueling treatment I received, the one relentless force that kept me focused was my memories!  I remember riding along the Pacific Coast Highway and was thinking how awesome God is!  The mountains on one side of me and the ocean on the other!  I wrapped myself with all my good memories of California and Pismo Beach. Every moment was carved in my mind in vivid color.   Even through the roughest days of chemo and radiation, I could smile because of those memories.


We can choose to make good or bad memories.  The things we have control over are the things we should focus on.  We can do what is most important to us.  It’s a CHOICE!  We are only victims if we consent to it.  The things we cannot control let it all go! 

That is how Retreat You Right came about!  I want to help others create great memories they can wrap themselves in so when faced with bumps in your journey of life, memories will be your lifeline!  What’s driving your vision and dreams?